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Being Locally owned gives us the flexibility to work with our Residents on maximizing their financial resources.  

We will work with you on delaying payments if you have a Residence up for sale or are waiting on other Benefits that are going to become available in the future. 


Veteran Benefits 

If you or your spouse served our Country, you may qualify for Veteran benefits to help pay Assisted Living Expenses.  This is available to many, but known to few.  We are experts on the process and requirements.  Our staff will help you understand and complete the needed paperwork at no charge to you! 

We are a Certified Facility for American ElderCare in the Florida Long term Care Diversion Program that helps people with Financial Needs pay for many services including Assisted Living.  We are Experts on the process and qualifications. 

​American ElderCare

Locally Owned & Locally Managed

Financial and Estate Planning 

Making sure that you have the financial resources to GUARANTEE that you never run out of money is a concern to most seniors.  Our owner, Steve Anderson, is licensed with the Florida Department of Financial Services and provides knowledge and planning specifically designed to Senior needs.   All solutions presented are always 100% SAFE with no loss possible from the volatile Stock Market.  

Working together we can lay out a realist plan to provide for your care and to maximize what is passed on to the next generation while minimizing tax implications. 

A complimentary review of any and all financial components is available free of any obligation.

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